Aya studied oil painting at the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Japan for 4 years. After graduating she moved to London for a year to continue her studies. Her time spent in London had a profound effect on her personally and professionally, offering both a culturally rich experience and stimulating new creative work. Three 3 years later she returned again to London and enrolled at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design where she studied Graphic Design.

After graduating from Saint Martins she was commissioned by The Times Newspaper to produce a series of illustrations for UK restaurants. The work involved humorous depictions of popular world cuisines,  topical references to the Chancellors’ Red Briefcase, and depictions of everyday life. Aya’s visual wit and artistry created a strong stylistic theme that brought this collection of illustrations together .

Aya has been providing illustrations and essays for a Japanese e-magazine "Absolute London"  http://www.absolute-london.co.uk since 2015. It is accompanied with her own essays on life in London from the Japanese perspective, based on her insight of a Japanese living in London for more than 20 years. Aya's framed pictures and greeting cards are sold at "Art Gallery Terra Chokubaiten" https://terra-chokubaiten.business.site and Japanese restaurant "Cocoro" http://cocororestaurant.co.uk/en/ . Aya had her own exhibitions at "Challice Gallery" https://www.chalice-gallery.com​​ and every year she has been having exhibition at "Mario's Cafe" http://www.marioscafe.com  .


e-マガジン "Absolute London"  http://www.absolute-london.co.ukではウィットあふれるエッセイとイラストがご覧いただけます

Art Gallery Terra Chokubaiten" https://terra-chokubaiten.business.site 、 日本食レストラン "Cocoro" http://cocororestaurant.co.uk/en/ で作品が販売されております。